General Contracting

We are licensed general contractors, who can meet any need for your facility and or business. Licensed in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee, we provide our clients with a variety of GC needs.

Steel + Building Erection

We offer solutions of every size to accommodate our clients needs. From turn key projects to T&M jobs, we are available.

  • Steel erection
  • Architectural/engineering design packages
  • Pre-Engineered metal buildings

Concrete Foundations

We also pride ourselves on providing our customers with concrete foundations for a wide variety of applications.

  • Specialized machine foundations
  • Cooling tower pads
  • Sidewalks, and new concrete
  • In-ground conveyor rail systems

Remodeling + Additions

Our team of project managers, foremen, and technicians can accommodate change in existing space that our customers ask for.

  • Remodeling break rooms
  • Upfitting office spaces,
  • Change in a facility’s work flow
  • Any additional modification of work space